Chinese Dietary Therapy

What Is Chinese Dietary Therapy?

Chinese dietary therapy is a little known branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine based on the energetics of food.

The classification system for prescribing Chinese herbs is the same as for food. For example, just as with Chinese herbs, if someone has a cold condition they might be advised to eat foods energetically warming and to cook in a particular way in order to raise the temperature of the food.

Food can be seen in the context “food as medicine”. If they have cold damp in the joints, for example, it might help to have dried ginger in the diet which is warm, opens the meridians and therefore clears the obstruction. But as the build up of damp may be due to internal weakness it would be wise to prescribe nourishing foods.

How Does Chinese Dietary Therapy Work?

Generally upon consultation some discussion of diet will usually
disclose whether there needs to be changes made.

A case history is taken and foods are recommended.

What Is Chinese Dietary Therapy Good For?

Chinese dietary therapy is useful as it can help speed up the treatment sometimes.

Many people are aware that their diet is not energising them sufficiently so wish to find foods which will help them get out of the rut of eating the same thing all the time. Or perhaps they’re trying to lose weight and are finding it difficult.

Detox protocols are also available.

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