What Is QiGong?

Qi = energy and Gong = action or cultivation

Qi Gong comes from China and is one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Medical Qi Gong is based on Traditional Chinese medicine theory and is the art of strengthening the immune system, increasing your energy and improving health for a great life.

Qi Gong is taught either in a class or one to one and is a skillful and measured movement technique. The result is similar to receiving an acupuncture treatment without needles.

Qi Gong helps build up Qi or life force energy and clear pain via breathing techniques, maintaining a quiescent mental state and harmonising the Qi to benefit the organs.

Studies have shown transmitted Qi has the ability to kill powerful bacteria and viruses which are resistant to drugs such as Hepatitis B.

Transmitted Qi carries a healing message from the practitioner. Health benefits include more flexibility, heightened awareness and sensitivity, youthful glow, feel more energetic, more positive mood, greater health and life state.

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