Ear Coning (or Candling)

What Is Ear Coning?

Ear Coning is a remedy for relieving pressure, fighting infection and gently removing toxins and excess wax from inside the ears to benefit hearing.

It is said that some viruses will die from the heat of the candle which feels comfortably warm.

The procedure was historically found to be used by many different cultures for example in ancient Egypt, Tibet, China, Aztec, and amongst the Amer- Indians.

Presently we find many European healers, Mexican and Cherokee using ear candles. German medical students be are taught coning as part of their medical training.

The procedure is a good adjunct to a detox plan.

What Is The Procedure?

There are different ear candles about but I prefer to use the longer slim ones sometimes infused with herbs. The candle is placed on the ear and burns down. Both ears are treated and the patient feels very relaxed.

A course of at least three is recommended.

What Are The Benefits?

Benefits can include

  • improved hearing
  • improved vision
  • improved taste
  • improved sense of smell
  • improved mental clarity or sharpness.

The candles help to detoxify the sinuses, release lymph congestion, relieve ear aches, colds, flu, allergies and headaches.

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