Age Defiance Facial

What Is Age Defiance Facial?

Age defiance is a system I devised based on extensive knowledge in Chinese and Japanese healing and Yogic practices, aromatherapy techniques and remedies spanning over 100 years of family secrets and healing techniques tailor made to your needs.

It lasts an hour but you can book two if you really need to unwind.

How Does It Work?

I like to take a full case history first to determine what may be causing a problem. Then I proceed to give a facial that is as relaxing as it is healing using various natural products and incorporating the most refreshing and regenerating techniques to your face for an hour.

I work on the skin to maintain epidemial moisture by use of minerals, improvement of the circulation system by tightening the capillary walls and improving elasticity whilst speeding up exfoliation.

Hydration and better blood flow will keep skin cells healthier longer preventing them dying off at an early stage thus promoting regeneration.

What Is It Good For?

It’s great for tired skin, fine lines, bags, sallow complexion, skin pores, skin texture and sagging neck.

It makes a very luxurious wedding present before the big day or for any occasion whatsoever or just to simply unwind and de-stress.

This facial suits both men and women.

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