What Is Reiki?

Aiming to restore good health and wholeness Reiki is a unique system of energy healing which is given by transmitting a healing energy or ‘life force’ through the hands and was developed by Japanese doctor Mikao Usui early 1900’s.

The practitioner draws on an energy source greater than themselves. Saints mystics and shamans traditionally used Reiki but also just people who spontaneously discovered their healing ability.

Reiki can be thought of as the channelling of healing energy from an infinite source.

Usui started the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai school (Usui Reiki Healing society) in Tokyo training some 2000 students. A year after settling in Tokyo there was a devastating earthquake in Japan in which Usui and his students offered help thereby spreading the word of the success of Reiki.

What Happens During The Session?

The receiver will mention why they’re seeking Reiki during the initial consultation and how they want it to help.

During the treatment you remain dressed with watches and shoes off and sit or lie comfortably whilst the practitioner transmits life energy to you by using a number of hand movements either with or without touch. Front and back are usually done. The hands are held at a distance of a few centimetres or lightly touching.

The aura is cleansed, chakras or energy centres are balanced and energy scanning is done to check results.

What Are The Benefits?

As the body relaxes so does the mind and stress and worries dissolve.

Many people come for Reiki to address particular symptoms such as asthma, stress, depression or the loss of a loved one or relationship.

Reiki is a path to wholeness and spirituality which can help the person to move forward.

An overall feeling of relaxation ensues after a Reiki treatment.

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